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Thin client with X86 Architecture

Qotom Technology Limited / 2011-07-15
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He most powerfull thin client pc station terminal in the world_Thin client with X86 Architecture.
After ten years producing of Thin Client PC Station Terminals, and 2 year international marketing of Thin Client PC Station Terminals, we find that the Thin Client PC Station Terminals we supply now is not enough for all kind applications of different customers, so we invest a lot in new product development.
Now the development almost finish, new products will come to market around one more month. When all these new models comes to market, Qotom will be the TOP 1 supplier for Thin Client PC Station Terminals in the world. No other supplier have such full thin client product range.
New Thin client with X86 Architecture, will be the first thin client bring in RDP7.0 and REMOTE FX, become the powerest thin client in the world. Using Win7 SP1 in HOST, client will be able to run fluently full screen HD movies and 3D games.
X86 Thin client
Support full screen video and high definition full screen movie, also 3D games.
Support MIC, all kind printers, all kind touch screen monitor.
Video Resolution: Support 32 bit color with 2048*1920 resolution.
Can automatic search HOST, only need 3 seconds will 100% find HOST’s address
Products Size: 189*134 *31 mm(without box)
Weight: no more than 1.8kg(shipping weight)
Support Unlimited Users
Outer skin:  Alufer(good for heat elimination)
HDD: 1G(up to 2G, or 4G)

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