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Network PC Station--Revolutionary mini PC

qotom / 2011-07-15
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Network PC Station


Are you still buy 10, 20 or more computers while actually 1 or 2 will do? If so, do change from now on!

PC Station share one computer with up to 30 more users, 1 traditional desktop computer+ 30 PC Stations= 31 traditional desktop computers

Over view:

Most PCs are set up with multiple user accounts. Each user gets their own software, settings, screen colors, and so on... But only one person can use the PC at a time. Network PC Station changes all that. Network PC Station with desktop virtualization software allows all of the accounts to be used at the same time.

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Why we need multiple user accounts to be used at the same time?

We can't live without PCs, but we need to learn how to live with them: they consume too much electricity and generate too much e-waste. A typical PC takes 110 watts to run, and there are almost a billion of them on the planet. And according to the Silicon Valley Toxics Commission, e-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream.

Today's PCs are so powerful that we no longer need one for each person. We can tap into the excess power in one PC and share it with many users. Network PC Station technology uses just 1 to 5 watts, lasts for a decade, and generates just a few ounces of e-waste.

And so, in order to live better with our computers, and reduce e-waste, we need to make our powerful computer fully used by more users using it at the same time.

Benefits of Network PC Station:

Network PC Station is the greenest computer in the world. Bellowing is some benefits of Network PC Station:

1.       Save on computer costs & electricity

Network PC Station systems save you 75% on hardware, and since they draw less than 5 watts, you reduce your energy footprint by as much as 90% per user. And because Network PC Station devices produce practically no heat, they reduce the need for energy-consuming air conditioning. Electricity savings alone can pay for the Network PC Station virtual desktops in as little as one year.


2.       Easy to install, simple to manage

Plug in your Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Install the included Network PC Station desktop virtualization software on the shared PC. It just takes a few minutes. You now have added multiple users, each with their own rich Windows or Linux environment. Best of all, you can run standard applications and your staff and users won’t need any special training.

3.       Simultaneous desktop operation

Each Network PC Station accesses the host PC OS and runs its user applications concurrently and independently. So many users can run one operating system at the same time now.

4.       Small efficient design

Space-saving design allows more room in your office or on your desk. With the brackets, you can set the Network PC Station to the backside of your LCD monitor, takes no extra room in your desk or office.

Since the Network PC Station has no moving parts, it runs completely silently and saves energy by drawing less than 5 watts. Sometimes you won’t feel their existing, only see the LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse on your desk. See how small it is.


5.       Powerful and flexible

With this small Network PC Station, you can surf internet, listen to music, send & receive e-mails, enjoy audio and video entertainment besides doing your daily office work. With the MIC port, you can even talk with your friends online. It support resolution from 1024*768 to 1440*900. See, it just like a stand alone computer.


Different Network PC Station over view:

We have many different network pc stations for your option. You can select the best suitable model for your application.

N13: N13 is the most basic PC Station model. Support 2 to 30 users per host PC. Most liked in offices, schools, Governments, factories and some window service department like bank or estate institutions.

N20: N20 is update version of N13, add another USB port onto N13 and get N20. With N20, users can have their moveable storage; connect to their own USB printers and so on.

N23: N23 is more powerful than N20; support almost all kind of operating systems, while N13 and N20 support only Windows XP and some Linux OS.

C20: C20 is new PC Station, aim on cloud computing. With 4 USB ports, no limitation for client users, and also work alone without HOST PC.

C11: Similar to C20. But totally new hardware design. And add serial port to the C11 PC Station too. Also C20 is powerful in entertainment function.

M03: M03 is another kind PC Station. One set M03 include one PCI card and three access terminals, can work for three stations. Most of all, it is perfect in multimedia function. You can do your office work and surf internet, and also you can enjoy audio& video entertainment.



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