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Operating principle of cloud computing terminal

Qotom Technology Limited / 2011-07-15
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 Operating principle of cloud computing terminal:

Cloud computing terminal also names thin client terminal, diskless workstation. It’s a special computer application mode than use the whole resource on the server. Working mode use C/S (Client/Server) mode. Server receive the operating issues of mouse& keyboard commands from Client, and then send the image of computing result back to client’s monitor.
Use cloud computing terminal for your daily work, all the maintenance, updating, and other work all centralized on server, save a lot of hardware input and maintenance work. With the highly integrated IC and Extremely low power consumption, the cloud computing terminal becomes highly efficient and stable, portable and easy to use. It can work stable and continuing even under some harsh environment like factory and outdoor place. And so it brings a new option of hardware selection mode for factory& office work and ERP application, Estate computer work and training centers.

Advantages of cloud computing terminal:                                        

1.         Cost saving:
Using cloud computing, hardware cost less than 1/4 of traditional desktops, software cost less than 1/30 of traditional desktops, electricity cost less than 1/80 of traditional desktop.
2.         No need maintenance:
All the processing and storage systems are integrated in the Chipset, the power consumption is very low while speed is very high. No extra software or hardware maintenance requirement, save a lot of time and cost.
3.         Quick start and efficient operation
As the chipset is highly integrated and its system have self-protection function, so the staring speed get much quicker than other PCs, only need 10 seconds to enter the system.
4.         Compatibility with operating systems:
Could computing terminal uses Microsoft's underlying connection protocol and code, Fully supports the need to install no software on the host and start the computer, no incompatible problems for Microsoft operating systems and update dispatches.
5.         Smart designing:
Cloud computer terminal is very smart, can be mounted to the backside of LCD monitor. Theis smart and tightly designing can help saving a lot of room in your office and your desk.
6.         High resolution display ability
Normal network computing terminals cannot support high resolution display due to the software and hardware limitation, and that problem limited a lot of the widely application of network computing terminals. But this could computing terminal can support resolution up to 1280*1024 and 1440*900, give us the same feeling of hosting computer.
7.         Dual-working mode, make every work becomes possible:
Cloud computing terminal uses both the local and network mode. Under network working mode, all the office software in the server can be used; all the resources can be shared. Under local working mode, cloud computing terminal can support video entertainment. Even without server, cloud computing terminal can finish the daily work as usual.
8.         Support more peripherals and modules
Support printer connecting, wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless internet card and touch screen. Its application is more widely than other network computers. And it also gives supplier’s more available plan.

Working mode of cloud computing terminal:

Cloud computing terminal has two working mode, one is local application mode and the other is network mode.
Under local application mode, the cloud computing terminal just like a PDA, can finish most daily work and entertainment requirements.
Under network mode, the cloud computing terminal connects to server; use all the software and applications on the server. Under this mode, the cloud computing terminal becomes a high grade desktop computer.

Application of cloud computing terminal:

1. Connect to Windows server:
Under network mode, cloud computing terminal connect to HOST that installed Windows OS (WIN2000S/XPPRO/2003S/VISTA/7/2008) or Linux.
After logon the server, every operation step is the same as traditional desktop computer, and every terminal is independent. All the software in Server need to install only one time, then all users can share it at the same time.
2. Go online alone.
Under local use mode, cloud computing terminal acts just like a simple PC, you can use it to surf the internet, receive and send e-mails, MSN chat and so on.
3. Entertainment function:
Under local application mode, the cloud computing support all kind multi-media function. With Microphone and Audio out, it makes your life more interesting.
4. Ordering inquiries
Connecting touch screen for restaurant& hotel use.
Application place for cloud computing terminal:
School and training center:
Office work and ERP application
Call center
Library, information search service establishments
Securities, factory assembly line applications

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