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Download Link of QOTOM Mini PC Drivers

qotom04 / 2016-07-28
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Our Dropbox has been locked, all Dropbox drownolad link you can find on this website or Amazon store are unavailable. Hereby provide another download link. 

1. I37C4 Download

2. Q100N / Q100S / Q210S  Download 

3. Q180N / Q180S / Q180P / Q190N / Q190S / Q190P Download 

4. Q190G4 Download 

5. Q310P / Q310G4 Download

6. T4005P / T4200P / T4500P / T4005U / T4200U / T4258U / T4005C / T4200C / T4500UN Download

7. T5005UN / T5200UN / T5500UN Download

8. Network card Download

9. Wireless card Download

Please note:

1. With 2GB RAM, you have to choose 32 bit OS; With 4GB / 8GB RAM, it is better to choose 64 bit OS. 

2. All Mini PC with Bay trail J1800/ J1900 or 4th/5th generation Intel Core processor don't support Windows XP OS.

3. The drivers of Linux OS have been integrated into the operating system, so there is no Linux drivers download link.

4. Any questions or requirements, please contact us. If you have bought products from our Aliexpress or Amazon store, please provide the order number or product link. 

User Comment

Anonymous user: 给出 评分 ( 2017-02-13 14:37:23 )
Need driver for wifi for Q100 when open the PC the wifi module has a sticker bcm94225hmpx p201 but cannot find the driver.
Anonymous user: 给出 评分 ( 2017-01-13 20:24:41 )
How to set the bios to boot without a monitor connected. I'm running win10 with UEFI Boot
Sorry, it must connect to a monitor.
Delete key into BIOS.
Anonymous user: 给出 评分 ( 2016-12-02 11:29:01 )
What brand or other specifics of 8GB SODIMM will work in Q190G4? I bought crucial DDR3L but it will not boot.
Crucial and Corsair can not fit our product. Please choose Kingston or Samsung DDE3L 1.35V SO-DIMM.
Anonymous user: 给出 评分 ( 2016-11-09 09:03:47 )
Can you please send me a link to Q310P Video Driver?
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