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How to place an order

qotom04 / 2016-07-28
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 If you are interested in our products and need the quotation or place an order directly, there are two options: 


1. Place an order online


1) Alibaba 

We have been Alibaba Glod Supplier for six years, this store aims at showing our products to all visitors. It doesn't support online business but it is very convenient to contact us to get the latest price and more information. Any questions or requirements, you can send Email to this supplier or Chat Now. 


2) AliExpress :

We have been AliExpress supplier since 2011 and the Positive feedback rate is 99%. The product quality, Communication and Shipping Speed are about 25% higher than other sellers. The positive feedback has proved our company and our products are trustworthy! You can place orders on this store directly. Any questions or requirements, you can contact us at Service Center in advance or leave message after you place an order. Please note, AliExpress don't support Paypal. If you prefer to Paypal, let's do bussiness off-line.

Note that the shipping cost on AliExpress exclude any Customs fees! But if you come from EU or UK, UPS can avoid Customs fees.


3) Amazon USA Link

This store is for customers who come from United States. 

Please note: No import fees to USA if the total value is less than $800.


4) Amazon Europe

There are 5 Amazon stores in Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and France), you can search our brand Qotom in these stores.

Note that the goods are shipped out via UPS, transfered in Netherlands. It will take about 10~15 working days. 


Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, the Czech republic, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain,  Italy, France, Germany, France and United Kingdom. 

If you come from EU or UK, the shipping cost in Amazon Europe includes Customs fees! If you are not from these countries, please don't place orders on the Amazon Europe store, or else you will pay the expensive Customs fees!


2. Do business off-line

If you prefer to do bussiness off-line, please contact us. We will provide a Pro-forma Invoice and our bank or Paypal account.

We accept Bank Transfer, Western Union and Paypal. 

How to contact us:

1) On this website, you can chat with us online (please note the time difference) or leave a message. 

2) On Alibaba or AliExpress, you can send Email to this supplier or Chat Now. 

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