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About us

Qotom Technology CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer for Thin Client and PC Station& PC Share.


Since 2004, we begin to produce and selling Thin Client& PC Station in China. After five years development, now we opened big market all over the world. We got our Qotom agent in India. You can find Qotom Thin Client and PC Station easily in Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa easily, also you can find some of us in other markets.


Our business aim is to let more and more people come to know and use thin clients. We supply our customer solutions for economical computing, computers that are heaper and smaller than traditonal desktops.


Qotom Thin Client is a kind of Virtual PC, let one PC acts like many. With no moving parts or local storage, repairs are rare and take minutes. Qotom Thin Client can help you save more than 70% total computing cost. They are most liked by schools,offices,factories and other public places that need a lot of computers.


Totally we have two product series, one is Mini Computer& Thin Client, one is PC Share& PC Station.


Qotom Mini Computer& Thin Client is a simple smart desktop computer. They can work alone with Embedded OS build in, also they can work as clients using the server's resource. It has CPU, memory and all the parts for computers.


Qotom PC Share& PC Station is network computing products. They have no CPU, memory and other moving parts, their function is to connect extral monitors, keyboards and mouse to the same Desktop computer, so one desktop computer can work as many.


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