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NComputing U170 virtual desktop

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NComputing U170 USB virtual desktop kit

NComputing U170 Key features & benefits

• A genuine NComputing solution – the undisputed global leader with a decade of experience and millions of daily users.
• Five-minute installation – just install vSpace software, attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the NComputing U170 device, and you're good to go.
• Stunning display quality – with high resolution and full-screen video.
• Green and clean – only 2 watts per user and it doesn't need a power adapter.
• Automatic login – set each NComputing U170 device to log in automatically. Great for kiosks, schools, children, and digital signage.
• Versatile – use the NComputing U170 as a compact VESA-mountable docking station for your laptop or netbook!

NComputing U170 thin client advantages

With the NComputing U170, NComputing has once again set the standard for simple and affordable desktop computing. NComputing’s innovations include tightly integrated solutions that include the award-winning NComputing vSpace™ virtualization software and industry-leading, low-cost, rugged and reliable access devices. These solutions have made NComputing the global leader, with millions of daily users. To this highly successful product line, NComputing brings an unprecedented feature: plug-and-play simplicity.

Desktop virtualization does not have to be complex. Or expensive. Unlike other desktop virtualization solutions, NComputing does not need expensive and complicated servers and infrastructure. In fact, vSpace was designed to efficiently share the normally  wasted CPU cycles in standard low-cost PCs. In an NComputing solution, vSpace creates multiple virtual  workspaces in one physical computer, and then the additional users connect their monitors, keyboards, and mice, through a simple access device. With the NComputing U170, connecting the access device to the shared computer couldn’t be easier: just snap them together with the included USB cable.

NComputing U170 thin client advantages

Kid-tested, CEO-approved

The NComputing U170 is based on over ten years of product development and refinement. You could say that it was designed by the sharpest engineers in the world, a million rough-and-tumble kids, hundreds of CIOs, and thousands of IT staff who are on the desktop front lines every day. That's why the NComputing U170 has the most evolved and useful features on the market. For example, many customers complain that they don't have enough power outlets at the desktop and want to eliminate cable clutter, so we designed the NComputing U170 to get its power through the USB data cable.


In addition, the model NComputing U170 is a high-speed USB 2.0 peripheral that automatically assigns any other USB device attached to it to the user. That way, users don't have to assign their keyboards and mice every time they log in. We also use native USB drivers, so there are no limitations in USB compatibility or performance. And because the NComputing U170 device delivers stunning multimedia all the way up to 1650 x 1080 wide screen (or 1600 x 1200) with 32-bit color, it continues the NComputing tradition of delighting users and IT staff alike.

NComputing U170 ports of front & back

NComputing U170 ports

NComputing-U170 thin client peripheral device

NComputing U170 thin client peripheral device

NComputing U170 mounting bracket

NComputing U170 mounting bracket

NComputing U170 connection layout

NComputing U170 connection layout

NComputing U170 datasheet


4-port powered USB hub


Width: 125 mm, Depth: 80, Height: 30 mm

Power requirement

Powered through the USB cable (additional USB peripherals  may require additional power through a powered hub)

LED indicator

Connecting (flashing light) and Connected (solid light)

Display resolution

Normal display resolutions
(16- or 32-bit color) @60 Hz

Wide display resolutions
(16- or 32-bit color) @60 Hz

640 X 480

1280 X 720

800 X 600

1360 X 768

1024 X 768

1440 X 900

1280 X 1024

1600 X 900

1600 X 1200

1680 X 1050

Monitor power-save mode

Supports power-saving mode with VESA-compliant monitors


16-bit stereo audio input / output via 3.5mm stereo jacks


2 USB 2.0 ports

Multimedia support

2D graphics; full-screen, full-motion  video


FCC Class B, CE, MIC, RoHS


0 to 40 degrees Celsius
10 to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing)
No moving parts (permits use in high dust / particulate / vibration environments)

Maximum number of users per PC*

Depends on the speed and performance of the PC

Supported operating systems**

Microsoft Windows and Linux (refer to the support section of the NComputing website for the latest supported versions)

PC configuration

See Recommended  Host Configuration Guide on the NComputing website

*  The number of users an individual host will support depends upon the host system capabilities as well as the applications used and performance expectations for those applications. It is recommended that new customers test their application(s) before adding additional users.
**Please refer to the Microsoft operating system licensing requirements and technical details at website.Specific Linux support information is available in the NComputing Knowledge Base.

NComputing U170 package content

NComputing U170 mounting bracket

The NComputing U170 is ideal for

Classrooms, public access, small business, digital signage, and home use.

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i want a this product could you send me the quotation of above ncomputing thin client device NComputing U170.
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